Review All Belly Pregnancy Workout by Flavia Del Monte

The All-Belly Pregnancy workout is the latest work of Flavia Del Monte and Ryan Watson. Please note though, that this is not the official All-Belly Pregnancy website. If you would like to visit that website please click here.

All Belly Pregnancy

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This website will give you a review of the program so that you know what to expect. Flavia pulled no punches on this one.

“… my most recent check up my doctor said, “Flavia, you’re as healthy as you can be. Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it. It’s working!” – Flavia Del Monte

With her professional (and personal) experience and guidance, along with Watson’s expertise, this healthy-pregnancy program teaches one how to eat and exercise while expecting.

What does the course include?

The program consists of the following online workout videos :

  • How to Exercise When Expecting
    • First Trimester (3 separate workouts)
    • Second Trimester (3 separate workouts)
    • Third Trimester (3 separate workouts)

Each trimester is broken into different workouts, 9 workouts in total and all can be done in the home.

In addition to the videos, the program also includes four PDF’s that can be downloaded and viewed on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

  1. What to Eat When Expecting
  2. How to Supplement When Expecting
  3. Workout Guide
  4. Printable Workout Sheets

Special Bonuses

By acting now and buying the All Belly Pregnancy workouts during it’s “launch phase” you will also get access to two bonuses, How to Cook When Expecting and How to Stretch When Expecting. In addition to those two bonuses you will also have the option of picking up Yoga For Pregnancy (recommended) as a great addition.

How to Cook When Expecting

How to Cook When Expecting


How to Stretch When Expecting

Yoga For Pregnancy

Optional – Yoga For Pregnancy

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 Why did Flavia put this together?

“Frankly, I prefer not to leave my baby’s health, intelligence and well-being to ‘good genetics’, blind luck, providence, karma, or fate. I prefer to avoid unnecessary risks and so far, with my own pregnancy, I can’t be happier with the results.” – Flavia Del Monte

Many times, when women get pregnant they know that exercising is healthy and smart but many are worried about which exercises are safe and which ones are not safe. Because of this women miss out on the benefits including:

  • Detoxifying the body
  • Increasing insulin sensitivity
  • Reducing stress
  • Increasing energy level and mental clarity
  • Boosting metabolism
  • Improving cardiovascular function
  • Helping the brain gain better control over the body

In reality though, it’s not exercising that is the real threat to overall health.

So how does All Belly Pregnancy address this?

With three solutions:

  1. All of the workouts are designed with three unique trimester  workouts.
  2. The nutrition presented is backed by science and keeps your baby in growth mode.
  3. The supplements are backed by hours of research to maximize your babies’ cognitive abilities.

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