Which Exercises Not To Do While Pregnant 0

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Now that you’re pregnant you’ll want to do everything you can to remain healthy and prepare your body for birth. Exercising is a part of remaining healthy, but during pregnancy there are some exercises that you should avoid doing to prevent harm or injury to yourself and you unborn baby.

In addition to the following exercises you should avoid, please checkout our guide to exercising during your three different trimesters:


If you were already a runner your doctor may allow you to continue running through your second trimester. However, after that, it’s off limits. Replace your daily run with a brisk walk and make sure that you don’t over do it.


If you’re already been an experienced bicycle rider your doctor may allow you to continue riding your bicycle through your second trimester. After that you doctor will ask you to stop riding and start walking.

Flat On Your Back

After the fourth month your doctor will recommend that you avoid any exercises that will put you flat on your back. This would include crunches and other similar type exercises. Baby’s weight can press on blood vessels and cut off circulation so avoid these until after baby is born.

Jumping Jacks and Other Jumps

Avoid jumping jacks and other exercises that require jumping. This would include tennis (you’re jumping around), volley ball and other strenuous activities.

Bending Exercises

Avoid deep knee bends and back bends. Your ligaments are extra stretchy while you’re pregnant and it’s really easy to over extend yourself and injure yourself.

Head Stands

Avoid any exercise that inverts your body. Studies have shown an increased risk of miscarriage for any upside down activity during pregnancy.


Avoid any activity that causes bouncing. This could be a small little jump type trampoline, toe bounces etc.

Moderate or Jerky Dancing

It’s fine to dance while your pregnant but you might wish to consider something more along the lines of easy smooth ballroom dancing in lieu of a jerky dance or more active dance. Your body will be more susceptible to injury while you’re pregnant so avoid sudden movement and stick to simple fluid dances that don’t over extend any of your joints or ligaments.

Balance Exercises

There are many yoga moves that can put your body off balance. Make sure that your yoga instructor knows you’re pregnant as soon as possible and follow their instructions closely as to modifying the yoga moves you normally use. Your body will be more off balance during your pregnancy so any exercise or yoga move that is on one leg or balancing could be potential cause for a serious fall during pregnancy. If your yoga teacher spots you it might be acceptable but always check with your doctor before attempting any moves that could put you off balance and follow your instructors advice.

Sauna’s and Hot Tubs

Although this isn’t an exercise, it’s important to remember that your post work out soak is a no no during pregnancy. Your body temperature can rise too high and cause damage to your unborn baby. Avoid both sauna’s and hot tubs until after your baby has made his or her appearance.

Signs that You’ve Over Done It

Stop exercising immediately and call or visit your doctor if you experience any of the following symptoms:

Bleeding form the vagina, short of breath, dizzy or faint feeling, headaches, chest pain, weakness in muscles, pain in calf or swelling (could indicate a blood clot), pre term labor, decreased movement in baby, fluid leaking from vagina.

These can all be symptoms of over doing it and or serious conditions so if you experience any of these seek your doctors advice immediately.