Practical Workout Advice During Pregnancy 0

Exercising regularly during your pregnancy not only helps you feel good but helps with aches and pains of pregnancy like backache, relieves stress which is not good for baby, builds strength for the challenge of birth and can even fight gestational diabetes. For specific advice pertaining to Flavia Del Monte’s workout, checkout our selection of articles on the All Belly Pregnancy program home oage to get even more guidelines and details.

If you were active before pregnancy do not try to maintain the same level of workout, do what is comfortable and low impact.

In addition to getting in your exercise you also need to get rest during pregnancy.

Swimming and stationary bicycling as well as low impact aerobics are good forms of exercise. Try to avoid things that can make you off balance or bring rapid movement and even hot temperatures. You want to keep your core cool so do not overexert yourself to the point your heart is pounding and you are flush. If you were not active prior to your pregnancy do not jump into a routine without talking to your doctor about what is right for you but even walking 30 minutes a day will benefit you and your baby.

Always warm up and hydrate before you start a workout. Choose a flat, level surface and good workout shoes as well as loose, comfortable clothing. When getting up from floor exercises rise slowly to prevent dizziness.

Remember to pay attention to your body as you progress in your pregnancy as ligaments stretch and you gain weight your movements may need to change to prevent injury or falls. Listen to your body, if it says to slow down do it. Tell your doctor about any chest pain, bleeding, leaking, pains, dizziness etc.

It will depend on your birth experience and what your doctor feels is best for you as to when you should pick up your workout postpartum but it is a great choice to do it as soon as allowed. It provides more energy and again stress relief which will be good for you and baby.