Reasons You Should Exercise During Pregnancy 0

Everyone knows that exercise is important, but it’s often something that gets set aside during pregnancy. Did you know that exercise during pregnancy is just as important if not more than exercise when you’re not pregnant? Here are some reasons why you should consider gentle exercise while you’re pregnant.

Exercise Reduces Stress

Exercising during pregnancy can reduce stress. Throughout the All Belly Pregnancy workout, you will be encouraged to get adequate rest. It’s stressful to be pregnant, your body is working harder than it usually does in order to supply your baby with much needed nutrition and oxygen. While doing all of this extra work, your body is still working to keep you healthy as well. Reducing stress will greatly improve your pregnancy experience.

Create Extra Energy

While it’s easy to simply sit down and say, “I don’t have any energy,” it’s still important to get up and get moving. The more active you are the more energetic you’ll feel. Be sure to follow all of the doctors guidelines and not over do it but remember to take a daily walk even if it is just to the mail box and back.

Watch Your Weight

Every first time mother is aghast at the point of her doctors appointment where she must step on the scales and the nurse records her weight. To maintain a healthy pregnancy weight exercise is important. Your baby depends upon you to grow and be nourished. If you gain too much weight your doctor is going to remind you to keep moving, if you don’t gain enough weight your doctor is going to remind you to eat more. A daily walk is a great way to stay fit for your baby and for your own health.

Ease Those Discomforts

Backaches, difficulty sleeping, varicose veins and more are often the result of lack of exercise. Gentle exercise during pregnancy is a healthy way to maintain your weight, reduce stress, increase your energy and ease any discomforts you may have.

Improve Sleep

Many pregnant women find they can’t get comfortable and sleep. Exercise is often the best way to improve sleep for a pregnant woman. A walk during the afternoon will not only improve sleep, it will help to clear the mind of all of those things that we find ourselves thinking of when we should be sleeping.

Pre Eclampsia and Gestational Diabetes

Pre eclampsia and Gestational diabetes plague many a pregnant woman. Eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of rest and adequate exercise are all great ways to combat these rare but dangerous medical conditions.

Preparation For Birth

Birth is an activity that requires a lot of energy. In order to ensure that your body is prepared to give birth it’s important to get plenty of exercise during your pregnancy.

Is It Safe To Exercise During Pregnancy?

Many women worry that if they exercise they might lose their baby. The truth is, you might lose your baby if your body isn’t functioning at it’s maximum potential. Check with your doctor prior to beginning any exercise regimen especially when you’re pregnant. In most cases, your doctor will advise you to find a form of gentle exercise and will be very encouraging to you about exercising while you’re pregnant.

What Are The Best Forms Of Exercise While I Am Pregnant?

Most doctors agree that walking is one of the best forms of exercise to use while pregnant. If you’re not used to exercising your doctor may have you start with a small daily walk and do that once or twice per day. After you’ve built up some stamina your doctor may have you increase the distance you walk on a daily or weekly basis. In time, you should feel comfortable taking a daily walk and you should have less discomfort.

Other forms of exercise may include mild forms of yoga, gentle stretching exercises and some exercises that involve gentle movement such as dancing (gently) or swimming. In short, gentle easy movement is best while pregnant.

Always check with your doctor when you change forms of exercise. Don’t exercise if you’re experiencing bleeding, high blood pressure, carrying more than one baby or if your doctor puts you on bed rest unless your doctor specifically tells you it’s okay to do some form of exercise.